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Thread: 1982 280zx 2+2 Renovation

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    Default 1982 280zx 2+2 Renovation

    My dad purchased a 1982 Nissan 280zx 2+2 about 10 years ago and recently it has come into my hands. It’s in decent shape overall, but could still use some work. I personally don’t know much about cars, but am willing to learn. I’m posting this to a few Z Car related forums in hopes of finding people who are willing to help me get it back in the shape I would like to see it. I’ve never really posted on a forum before so here’s a list of what I see as small things that need to be done. If you need any pictures or extra information please feel free to ask.

    -Replace windshield wiper fluid tubing
    -Fix Betty (used to work and sometimes still does, but not often)
    -Driver side door will chime during turns or if window is down, light occasionally comes on (disabled chime under driver side dash)
    -Realign passenger side window (pops out of place when closing door, realigns when I lower and raise window)
    -Look into repairing minor dents
    -Touch up scratches (Already have color matched paint/clearcoat)
    -Repair seal on back right hatch (water leaks during rain or car wash)
    -Repair passenger side visor
    -Replace front right turn signal lense
    -Replace roof light cover
    -Remove/repair rust spots
    -Check gear for speedometer pinion to make sure speedometer is displaying correct speed
    -Diagnose other possible problems that need fixing that may not be apparent to me

    Thanks again in advance for the help and my apologies if I’m posting in the wrong place

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    Default 1982 280zx 22 Renovation

    Bonjour a tous,

    apres des année d hésitation je suis en train de voir pour me lancer grace au statut d auto entrepreneur pour faire mon metier a savoir de la renovation esthétique de vehicule.

    il y a un marché a prendre et apres je me dis que plusieur formules s imposerais.

    du tout venant a pas trop cher .... au haut de gamme sur devis.

    j ai l emplacement et les produit materiel qui pourrai etre mis a disposition.

    resterai plus qu a tout officialiser.

    je ferai ça sur bordeaux et sa region.

    par contre mon reve serai de creer une structure pouvant accueuillir des vehicule lambda mais une grosse preference pour les youngtimer donc le marché explose mine de rien.

    vos avis??????

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