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Thread: 280z electrical issue NEED HELP

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    Default 280z electrical issue NEED HELP

    Just bought a 1975 280z and I have electrical issues. I have no power whatsoever no dash lights headlights no buzzer or anything when i hit the key. The battery and the ECU is brand new. I need some help in identifying what the problem might be. Ive been told the ignition relay might be bad but Im not exactly sure where is it is to test is. Any help who be much appreciated.

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    Download the Service Manual for your car and check the Body Electrical chapter. Google the term "280z fusible link". Get a multimeter and start using it. It's the best way. Don't assume anything unless you've confirmed it with the meter, many parts get replaced for the wrong reason.

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    Yes, download the service manual. It's absolutely the most important resource you can have. It's light years beyond what you would find in a Haynes or Chilton's. However, the first thing you should check out is fusible links under "body electrical." I'd bet good money you have a bad fusible link.
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    What DOES work? Do the dome lights work? Do you get the buzzer before attempting to start? After you look at what FastWoman has recommended - Check and then replace ALL of the fuses in the Fuse Block. Inspect ALL of the connections going into the terminal block on the firewall (it is white plastic) and is located under the dash on the passengers side. Also make sure that the big fat white wire is firmly attached to the Pos. side of the battery - this one supplies juice to the EFI system.

    Finally, add the Year and VIN to a signature line when you post. That will help us all in finding the correct solution for your Z.

    Good luck - let us know what you find.
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