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Thread: Oil Pressure question

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    Default Oil Pressure question

    I am trying to start up my motor for the first time, Should I see any oil pressure while cranking the motor over? I have good oil flow when priming the oil pump out all of the cam oiler bar. Just don't seem to have any pressure on the gauge even when I install a gauge right in the sender port while cranking.

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    The Z's are notorious for low oil pressure on the gauge. I can't recall if I saw pressure when cranking. I think if you crank it for a few min off-and-on; the needle should move a little from the peg but not much.

    It sounds like you have some oil pressure and a functioning pump if you see the cams getting oil. I think you are good for go. Just look in the oil cap area to see a good flow/flicking of oil from the lobe after you start it.

    btw don't forget to add the zinc additive for break in, that seems like the "hungry for a cam lobe" period.

    Good luck and congrats!

    Watch that water temp, fuel mix and keep rpms up!
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