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Thread: Scarab # 157 has been found and rescued!!!!

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    Default Scarab # 157 has been found and rescued!!!!

    Hello all this is my first post on classiczcars. I wanted to share with all of you the amazing news that we have found an original Scarab. It's car number #157. This car has an amazing amount of history and provenance to it.

    I have tried to post pics several times but have had no luck. I did post some on hybridz. I have included a link at the bottom of the post for any of you that are interested. We are planning a big time restoration for the car, it deserves it! I know we will have lots of questions throughout the restoration. If any of you that have gone through the restoration and have any input that can help, please let us know.

    Here is the link to the car over at hybridz

    Scarab #157 found and rescued! - S30 Series - 240z, 260z, 280z - HybridZ

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    Really Great FIND! Amazing Documentation as well. There was another #157 reported - but it had no Door Tag. It seems there are two #153's reported as well - only one had the door tag.

    Do tell us the whole story - Start with how/where you found the car For Sale in the first place. If it was advertised or what leads did you follow to find it.

    Great pictures on HybridZ - thanks for posting them.

    Carl B.

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