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Thread: Mix Door and Air Box Sealing

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    Default Mix Door and Air Box Sealing

    Hello all,

    I have done some searching on how to seal the air box and the door in the air box. What I am curious about is how long these solutions lasted.

    For the door (in the thread above) folks recommended self-adhesive weather stripping for doors and windows as well as gluing a mouse pad to the door.

    For sealing the box folks were recommending plumber's putty, dum dum, A/C tape, and foam weather stripping.

    Can anyone report on how long these fixes have lasted?

    I like the mouse pad idea. I just wonder how well the neoprene will hold up to the heat.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Ben, as long as you use good quality materials there is no reason to believe they won't last many years. I rebuilt my heater box 2 years ago and it is working well but then I only use it in the early spring and late fall.
    I used thin foam backed vinyl from an Auto Upholstery shop for the faces of the baffle doors.
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