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Thread: 280z n/a turbo swap list.

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    Default 280z n/a turbo swap list.

    Hello all I'm a first time poster here. Picked up my 1976 280z auto last week and began picking up turbo parts. I plan on running a holset hx35. Now I've gathered:

    P90 head, which is missing a rocker arm. This will get machined and ported/polished.

    Megasquirt 1 extra. Not sure what sensors I need to pick up that my l28 doesn't already have on it.

    Also picked up an intercooler and piping.

    Now I know I need a tps off of a 240sx but have yet to find one. Is there any other options?

    To complete the list I believe all I'll need is: BOV, wastegate, turbo manifold, supra injectors (what year?), and I'll do the downpipe and 02 sensor bung myself

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    Coincidentally, this was just created on another forum - N/A L28 to Turbo Conversion Question & Parts List Questions - Nissan : Datsun ZCar forum :Nissan Z Forum: 240Z to 370Z also has a separate sub-forum devoted to turbocharging the L6. Here's a pinned thread from there - The Ultimate L28ET Guide/What you need for 350+whp! - L-Series - HybridZ

    Not to drive you away or to lose a classiczcars member but there aren't many turbo conversions done on this forum.
    1976 280Z, with some minor modifications

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