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Thread: 510 two door .. 46,000.00 us $

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    Default 510 two door .. 46,000.00 us $

    Datsun Other 2 Door | eBay I have seen lately that the 510 is gaining more attention and prices are on the high side , the Z seems to be at a more low tide . Will like to see comments .

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    There's always some little thing that makes you think twice on these high asking price cars. Who lists the brand of their fuel filter? It's listed in the magazine article also. They probably mean fuel pressure regulator, but it's a sign that somebody has either just bought a bunch of brand names or the seller doesn't really know what they have,

    One of those odd things. It's not even an auction, just a set price Buy It Now.

    "Fuel safe trunk mounted fuel cell (16 gallon)
    Aeromotive fuel filter
    Walbro 255 fuel pump(mounted in trunk)"

    "To move fuel from the trunk to the engine bay, a Bosch 044 inline pump with an Aeromotive filter ensures steady delivery of 91 octane to the quartet of RC Engineering 750cc/min injectors. With these issues addressed, JDM Concepts could finally tune the engine."
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    At that price, the present owner will own it for a loooooooong time.......
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