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Thread: Picking Frame Rails and Floor Pans

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    Default Picking Frame Rails and Floor Pans


    About to pull the trigger on frame rails, and floor pans for my Z, wanted to shoot it by you guys before pulling the trigger on the order. (its $$$$! )
    Note* everything below is based on assumptions that I have made from reading peoples posts online. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    So there appears to be 2 main contenders for frame rails, being Bad Dog, and Zedds Findings (whom supplies other shops as well), as far a floor pans are concerned Zedds Findings is the way to go, unless there is another supplier that I'm not thinking of.

    For the Frame Rails, Bad Dog Auto has a thicker gauge of metal that they use and may have to be cut in certain sections depending on how much you require, the frame rail is also slightly larger being able to fit a Zedds Finding Rail inside it. (not sure about that last statement, again from what I've read )

    Zedds Findings on the other hand, has frame rails that are made slightly smaller, are only for the front, but have all the drain plugs already figured out. In an email that I had with charlie, he states that the tension rod pocket must also be intact, because this replacement does not include that section.

    What did you go with and why? Is there anything that I'm overlooking about this?
    Right now I'm thinking of bad dog rails(front and rear) while having Zedds Finding pans, however if the frame rails from ZF is just as good as the bad dog rails, then ill just order it all in one go.

    Thanks for the help y'all.

    EDIT** wanted to include picture of the current status of the pans/rails if it helps.
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    I've used Zedd Findings floors and frames several times. They fit well and are easy to install. Based on your pictures you'll need their floor/frame kit. Last time I checked he also made the front frame rail and I think also the angled rail at the T/C rod. Those pieces look ok on your car. But you have some serious rust on the inner fenders and battery tray area that will have to be fixed. I've never used the Bad Dog parts but I've heard good things about them.

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    I have Charlie's floor pans and one rail in 26th. I had to locate the tension rod pocket and align the sway-bar mounts when fitting the frame rail. I was fully expecting the effort to cut and fit everything. That's metal work. I see you have some other patchwork to do. So did I. That's metal work! Take your time and do it right - it's well worth it. I can't over emphasize spending the time to make sure the chassis mounting points align.
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    Amar, here is my thread on my rebuild,

    I used Charlie's floor pans and rails PLUS Baddog's rails over top.
    As I'm sure you have read many times, zedfindings stuff is 1st class but so are the Baddog rails and they are made to slip right over top of the original or Charlie's rails. The car is very stiff now with no twisting of the frame. If you ever plan on upping the HP it's worth considering.
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