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Thread: It Started With Just One Bolt............

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    Default It Started With Just One Bolt............

    As time goes on with my Z project, I stopped adding up the receipts and just sick them into a binder. I am sure that in the end I will have spend FAR MORE then I can ever get for the car. So the spending goes on.....

    The most resent spree is the dash. I wanted to just put a full cap on and get the gauges looking nice and running but the deeper I got, the more I thought "Oh! I Can Fix That Too!" So now with a second dash frame being prepped for restoration, The entire Heater box, fan being rebuild including replating all the nuts, screws, bolts washers, linkage, including painstakingly replacing all the foam seals with "As Close As I Can Get" replacements, I am now looking at whats the best way to deal with the dash cover. I have the best cap available but at this point, No! I am going all the way! So. What is better? Finding a new in the box dash? Or going to a place like Just Dashes. Honestly, Someplace like that I have never used or been too and I am worried that well the gauges fit to tight? Too lose? Will they get it right including the little indent next to the Hazard switch?

    So the big question, New Dash or Just Dashes?


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    Search for "dash restoration" and go way back to conversations seven or eight years ago. That should answer all your questions - and hopefully encourage you!
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    There are also specialized repair shops for dashboards.. Your old one can be repaired. But you have to search for them.
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