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Thread: leather interior

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    Default leather interior

    I don't know anything about this company but I wish I had when I redid my interior,
    hard to beat the smell of leather.
    1970 240Z HLS30 01955 March/70

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    Default Innovations

    Google shows related discussions on other car forums including TwinTurbo and NICO; also reference their
    ebay history as exotikleather. Might be worth a closer look as an interior options source.
    TwinTurbo.NET: Nissan 300ZX forum - Interior Innovations interior installed. I'm ~98% done with
    Anyone dealt with Interior Innovations, Saginaw MI? : 300ZX (Z32) General
    1972 240Z

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    Default I used them for my wife's 350Z

    If you click on the STORE tab and scan down to the bottom row on the left, my wife's car has the red leather with grey suede inserts.

    These are first quality, professional grade units and well worth the money.

    I even wrote up an installation tech article for

    350Z Custom Upholstery / Seat Cover Replacement DIY
    1971 240Z HLS30A 17574 L24-021025

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