Art Singer, David Muramoto & Carl Merritt of Sport Z Magazine have just finished the long-awaited test drives of the new Roadster and Stillen's 350Z. Race driver/writer David Muramoto [aka dkmura] put the Zs to the test this week and all results including dyno's will be available shortly.

David interviewed Steve Millen this morning [6/19/03] -- check out his interview in the Fall 2003 issue of Sport Z Magazine.

Carl Merritt had his video recorder on everything this week; look for it to be uploaded next week. The video will be edited to about 8-10 minutes and should be fun for all to see. High bandwidth -- no problem. Low bandwidth -- warning-warning. I have not seen footage as of yet but the feedback from California is outstanding.

A teaser: Stillen's 350Z [370 HP] tested out superbly much to our delight. David is not easly impressed -- Stillen's 350Z did just that.

There will be no more details available until we're ready to upload selected items on and then, within the pages of Sport Z. Stay tuned!

Anybody willing to donate broadband for a 35-40 meg file that will be blasted in the early days?