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Thread: hey!! would you guys be willing to sponser me?

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    Talking hey!! would you guys be willing to sponser me?

    hi z sport,
    my name is mike i am 17 and a z car nut and i own two 280 z's...(I OWN, they arnt my parents) they are both 2+2 but i plan to make one an awsome performance daily 78 has a built chevy small block close to 400 h.p. no bull sh!* but it dosent run. it is a basket case 76 is my daily driver and runs great it is all stock motor and tranny wise.. but i would like to either put the chevy in it which leaves smog problems or go the turbo route on the L28 i dont know...i also plan to drop the 76 an inch and put on some better looking wheels and tires....currently i am prepping the car for paint... i would like to know if mabey you guys would like to do an article on one of my cars....i can drive it and advertise for you guys with z sport all over it. so please let me know if your interested!!

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    We don't typically sponsor individual cars, but if you want to paint the side of your car and/or hood with our logo, you'll get a big photo in the magazine! Joking aside, keep me posted on your progress. I'd like to see how your cars come out. Good luck. Oh, and remember, when asking future sponsors, be sure to get their name right. We're Sport Z, not Z Sport (which is a club in Texas).

    Dave Bexfield
    Editor, Sport Z Magazine

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    hey, you guys should sponsor me, give me all the money i ask for for parts. i'll put a very small sport Z logo on my quarter bout it?, being a partner club with you guys should do, thanks guys for a great magazine!!!

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