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    Default SU needle specs

    Does anyone have the station measurements for the stock SU needles? Like the N54 or N58? None of the British SU needle charts have them listed, and I want to do some comparing, find out what British needles are the same (or as close to the same as possible) as stock Hitachi needles. Mostly just for reference. The British needles are measured at 14 different points (stations), from thickest to thinnest. Maybe someone that has a stock needle laying around can thow the calipers on it for me?

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    dear, force fed , you can use su needles in hitachi's but your better to up date to su's . you can buy su's already set up frommiddel in Australia. they have hif6's, inch and three quarter carbs for 240's @ 260's. the needles for the 240 are [ BCA rich ] [BCE std ] [BBZ lean ] these are 100 thou needles. I think su has about 750 needles to choose from! Midel will supply the needle book and all you have to do, if you wish to stay with hitachi is lay the existing needle on a paper and mark off at 16equal intervals 1 eighth of an inch and write down the size at each station then look at su chart and find a needle that suits what you want E.G you want to haul, go thinner mid to final measurement etc. I run two inch su's off an xj6 jag,fuel economy not that good but pulls 200 clicks okay. 1976 260 z 2+2, has extractors and two and half inch pipe. starts well even in winter 32 to 42 F.
    hope this helps
    Keith nz:

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