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Thread: su on 3.5 land rover hybrid

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    Default su on 3.5 land rover hybrid

    Just wondering do most of you run return spill lines off your su carbs? I have no return on my su carbs on my land rover - thats how i bought it. Had some trouble with vapour lock but new insulated fuel lines and stopped that. Looking at running a return line - do i need to or not?

    Do i have to have one or do the floats act as regulators and therefore do away with a spill line.

    If i do run one does the bore need to be less than that of the fuel line itself. running 8mm fuel line so does that mean i'd have to run a 6mm spill?

    The set up is twin tanks to a fuel switch then to a low pressure electric fuel pump up to carb 1 then onto carb 2.

    Advice would be great.


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    On my Z the return lines to the tank are at a point before the fuel even gets to the carbs. The intent of the return line is so that if the needle valves are closed, the fuel bypasses the bowl and goes strait back to the tank.

    The overflow tubes in stock configuration run into the air cleaner box, so that any liquid fuel will drain in (presumably saturate the air filter) and ultimately be sucked into the motor. Mine are currently open to atmosphere, but I will be reconnecting them to the filter.

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