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Thread: Difficulty Removing Float Bowl Lid for a 72 240Z SU Carburetor

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    Default Difficulty Removing Float Bowl Lid for a 72 240Z SU Carburetor

    Greetings. I'm new to the Z world. Just purchased my 1st, a 1972 240Z and it has SU carburetors. The car sat for a couple of years before I purchased it and the floats were stuck with valve open.

    In the attempt to remove the bowl cover, I buggered up the float. There is a flange off the side of the SU carb that hangs right over the bowl cover. Multiple attempts to turn the lid to get better clearance didn't help, and the tension of the float on the sides of the bowl during this process popped the float right off of its lever arm. A new float will be ordered.

    So, like, what's the trick? If I have to make multiple adjustments to get the float/fuel level set right, this will be a very difficult process with that flange off the side of the carburetor in the way.

    If you know the way, please respond.


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    Helps to drain out the gas and turn the lid 90 degrees. Don't need to use any muscle on it. The floats are fairly tough so when you get it out you can probably straighten it up enough to use. The float bowl valves have a rubber tip that should have a sharp conical point - if not they're shot. New ones are available from MSA and elsewhere. Lot's of information on this site. ZTherapy has a video.
    The flange on the side is no problem if you drain the gas.

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    It helps to take the fuel line off then twist the lid.

    Now if you are adjusting float levels using a sight glass method(clear plastic tubing) use a longer fuel line so you can manipulate the lid and hose so there isn't any tension with the fuel line.
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