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Thread: Balancing SU Suction Pistons and matching fall rates

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    Default Balancing SU Suction Pistons and matching fall rates

    Below is a video showing how to match pistons so that they rise and fall at the same rate due to differences in mechanical tolerances where the piston is sealed by the suction chamber: (the process is simply to remove the piston and dome, tape the two holes on the bottom of the piston shut, then measure/compare the drop time of the pistons). This process only compares mechanical sealing.

    If your pistons don't fall at the same rate, don't worry, there are some solutions:

    I just experimented further and the oil well plungers AND the type of oil in the well AND the temperature affect these fall rates. In theory you should be able to match piston rates by using different oils/fluids of different viscosities in each well to better match pistons that are mechanically different and have unmatched fall times.

    You can also sand the outer surface of a plunger to decrease the drop time. (Sanding the sealing edge of a piston or sanding the inside of a suction chamber is not recommended).

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