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Thread: 280Z housing on a 240Z :(

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    Default 280Z housing on a 240Z :(

    So i finally ordered my struts and bushings, getting ready to order the springs. as i was taking off all the old suspension, my friend realizes that my strut housing is from a damn 280z. i got tokico illumina struts: the fronts are originally for the REAR struts of a 77-79 MR2 and the rears are the FRONT 240z struts. Sounds bizarre but after researching i found out these would be a good combination for the rate and height that i wanted. BAD NEWS would be that the moron who had my car before decided to stick 280z housing onto the 240.

    My question to any of you that can help, if i decide to keep the 280 housing... is there any advantage to using 280z housing? and if i still want my height to be as i planned (F/R = 1.5"/2.0" shorter than stock), what would be a good combination of tokico illumina or koni externally adjustable struts? if this is too confusing to understand, please PM, email, or AIM me. i need all the help i can get if i want this car on the streets before summer.

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    I am in the process of sectioning my struts. I am actually setting up a set of struts with coilovers(using the original perches) to determine the correct ride height before I section a second set and move the original perches. I have everything off the car if you need measurements.

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