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Thread: fiting rotta rbr wheels 17*9.5 and 17*8.5

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    Default fiting rotta rbr wheels 17*9.5 and 17*8.5

    i want to fit rota rbr wheels for my z 17*9.5 -19 rear and 17*8.5 +4 front.
    i want to lower the car 1 to 1.25 inch
    also install zg flares
    help me find the correct suspensions and springs ,
    is it important to convert the springs to coil over ?
    what to buy to convert to coil over?

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    Whoa, lots of questions there. First start off with what car you have and what does it currently have on it.
    Second. Do some research on this site. There are many cars with larger tires that you desire. Also, and probably the best recommendation, try They are more into heavily modified Z's. Most folks here like to keep them in as new or as new +1 condition. Good Luck.
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