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Thread: repairing cracked plastic panels

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    Default repairing cracked plastic panels

    Here i a little post on a repair technique for cracked plastic panels. As long as you have all the pieces and you
    see only one side of it.

    Just take a piece of plastic I used plastic card that i have cause of my job.
    It could have been any plastic or even sheet metal.

    Use your prefered glue. I show the one i use.

    Just cut small pieces wide enought to give strenght.
    It is a good idea to glue the last piece overlaping the end of the crack.

    put some glue
    put the plastic pieces on the glue
    wait for dry

    that is it.

    you have 2 exemples.
    The hashtray cover came out fantastic you
    cant see the crack at all.

    The panel you can see a little crack but it will not continue to split.
    If you want you could paint with plastidip and this will make the crack invisible.
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    I've had great luck with fiberglass fabric and abs glue. You can continue to layer it on and build up if necessary. The glue dries quickly and sticks incredibly well to the interior plastic panels-and its black so it matches the original plastic.

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    Very nice tip. Thanks for posting!

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