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Thread: Carolina Trophy-2008 Rallye

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    Default Carolina Trophy-2008 Rallye

    Stumbling around the internet a bit ago and came across this site:
    I thought "Cool! a rallye in my area (Western North Carolina)...I wonder what the age requirements are (for the cars, not the participating drivers)?"
    Alas, I was sooo happy to see that anyone with a pre-1980 car could get in. My first rallye...would the car be ready? Could it be ready?

    Wait, what does it cost...

    For competitors, entry into this unique and exciting event for a car and crew of two persons is US$4,950

    Every car entry fee includes:

    *Five nights accommodation for two (double occupancy) at the incomparable Inn At Lake Lure, the historic hotel located on the stunning shores of Lake Lure, NC.
    *All meals and entertainment during the event, including full breakfast and lunch Monday through Thursday, a final breakfast Friday, a welcome reception and buffet dinner on Sunday, full dinner on Monday and Tuesday, and the grand finale banquet and awards party on Thursday.
    *All rally plates, car numbers, road books, time cards and other event-related materials.
    *Guarded, secure, overnight parking all nights.
    * A photo of your car in action during the event and a commemorative dash plaque
    * Preferred status for the entry of the 2009 Carolina Trophy
    *The use of our driver’s service desk and mechanical assistance crews throughout the event
    * A Carolina Trophy clothing package for each team, plus sponsor goodies

    Guess that explains why most of the photos in the galleries (while nice) are mostly of Ferraris and Porsches...

    Maybe the Z cars in the area should crash the party (not quite literally, mind you)!

    Though it does appear that there is a Datsun on the roster, a 1969 Datsun Fairlady Coupe from Pensacola, Florida!

    A member here perhaps?
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    ...marked for 2009! Sounds like a lot of fun. Lake Lure is a great venue, too.

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