So far there are four Z's in the 1st Annual Cops & Cool Cars Show in Santa Barbara. The show is Saturday, September 21, and TOMORROW, the 14th, is the last day to register for $25. After that it goes to $35. If you want to attend, you can still do it for $25 by faxing in the registration form on the 14th. Tomorrow. Saturday. Come on.... What are you waiting for? DO IT!!! What? Your Z is not 'pristine'? Who cares?!? Alot of the cars are not 'pristine'! What? Santa Barbara is too far to drive?!? Santa Barbara is less than 2 hours for 75% of the people getting this invite! What? You're too lazy to go?!? Well, then you have a problem! It's really quite easy:

1. Download the attached Registration Form.
2. Open the file and print it out (Black and White)
3. Borrow a pencil from your kid and scratch your name on it.
4. Drive to the 7-11 and pay Achmed a buck to fax it for you.
5. Grab a sixer while you're there.
6. Go home and think all week about what you need to do to your Z to be ready.
7. Find a cool person to shotgun with you to the show. OR: for MEGA points:
a. Tell your wife of a shopping day in Santa Barbara.
b. Make a reservation at a great place in SB for Friday.
c. Make a reservation for an great dinner (William on Victoria?)
8. Friday night, the 20th, after dinner, go to the garage and do a couple of the things you planned all week to do.
9. Friday night 11:59 PM: Stand back and say, "DAMN! My Z looks pretty good!"
10. Finish the last of that twelver and go to bed. SET THE ALARM!
11. Wake up an hour before the alarm and can't lay in bed anymore! Grab your shoes and tiptoe to the garage.
12. Fire that puppy up! As she is warming up, reflect on the last time you were invited to a neighborhood BBQ.
13. Stash a crescent wrench, a heavy blade screwdriver, a mostly used roll of duct tape and a quart of oil under the spare tire. Don't forget lawn chairs!
14. Drive to Santa Barbara, check into the show, and join your Z buddies for breakfast!

Registration form attached...

Steve McConnell
Central Coast Z Car Club