Hill Country Cruise
Garage Party
Auto Show
Dyno Pull
​Events & Schedule
Nismo Fiesta 2014 will be the last weekend of April.

The car show staff are hard at work with a few additions to the show such as: a mobile dyno, interactive sponsor presentations, an autocross and possibly a 1/4 mile session as well.

We are pleased to welcome all Nismo Fiesta supporters to once again be part of our extended family. Our attendee numbers are growing every year and we urge all attendees to register as early as possible, especially if considering to race on the H2R track day.

This year is shaping up to be one of the largest we have ever seen. Plan to have an amazing time at the end of April in San Marcos, Texas. See you there.

Weekend Schedule Overview
Day 1 - April 25th

Host hotel early check-in opens at 3pm
Mad Mike Dinner starts at 8pm
Nismo Fiesta Mixer starts at 10pm
Day 2 - April 26th
Track day at Harris Hill begins at 8am
Drivers meeting at 9am
Dyno and San Marcos Hill Country Cruise begins at 10am
Lunch at 12pm at Harris Hill presented by 3 food trucks
Lunch for the Hill Country Cruise will be around 12-1pm depending travel time.
Hill Country Cruise to finish at Harris Hill at 3pm to start parade laps.
At 4pm the Harris Hill Track day ends.
At 8pm, the Official Nismo Fiesta Party Night will start.
Day 3 - April 27th
Car Show doors open at 9am.
Nismo Fiesta Store opens at 10am.
Car Show judging from 10am to 12pm.
Dyno and other events run throughout the day, ending at 3pm.
Nismo Fiesta Store closes at 3pm.
Award ceremonies begin at 3pm and end at 4pm.