Hello owners,
I am producing a still photography shoot for Caterpillar Footwear and Apparel on 3/20/14 in the Salton Sea area south of Palm Springs, CA. The client has asked a yellow, orange, light brown prop vehicle to be in pictures. We are looking for a vintage Vega, Gremlin, Datsun Z car, Bronco, or anything else from the 1970's era. The condition of the vehicle can be from "weathered" to "show" condition though they would prefer the more weathered look as long as it is road-worthy. It pays $500 for the one day. If you know of anyone with a car that fits the bill, please forward them my info.
Scott Downing 714-815-5164
Scott Downing Photography, scottdowning.com
Scott Downing :: Location Scout and Manager