This is our big year, 30 years of our lil datsun/nissan show. Everyone has helped us make it this long, and we hope we can keep going. We are open to all datsuns, and nissans, even infiniti's. We are one of the best 1 day shows in the PNW, and are very laid back. We have no vendor spots, but if you want you can bring things to sell in your parking area. We started out as a pure 510 club, evolved to z's, roadsters, and everything else, and a few years ago started taking in newer nissans, and just last year even Infinities, our show keeps growing and getting new crowds, so i am sharing in more and more places online. Hope to see you there

Time is coming up again, august 10th 10-3:30pm (or whenever everyone leaves) Fairview oregon, right outside portland at Blue Lake park. If you need directions look them up online.