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Thread: Bayline 8.2.14 By Historic J

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    Default Bayline 8.2.14 By Historic J

    Hello All,
    Historic J is proud to reintroduce Bayline at an entirely new venue. First introduced in 2012, Bayline was made famous for setting a record for the largest collection of classic Nissan Skylines in North America. Striving to make our events more enjoyable for participants and attendees, we work diligently to surpass ourselves constantly and make each succeeding events top the last. Our mission is to expand the awareness and passion of Japanese classic cars within the United States with innovative and exciting Japanese classic car shows and events.

    We hope that you guys/gals can attend. If your cars are currently not running, restorations in progress or fully built track cars just bring out whatever you have and come support the classic car community.

    The event is free to spectators and those that are interested in registering here is the link.
    Historic J ? Events

    If you can spread the word it would be much appreciated!
    If you have any questions email

    Thank everyone for the support this event would not be possible with out you!

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    I've never heard of Historic J or this event. The picture of a very high stack of containers doesn't tell much at all. Are you a freight handling company?
    1976 280Z, with some minor modifications

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