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Thread: What I got done today.

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    Default What I got done today.

    On my 1979 280zx.. I got my new Yokohama tires early this morning, so first thing I did was pile up the wheels in the truck and went and got them put on and balanced. Put them on my car then took a test drive(down driveway and back hah). after that I needed to check and make sure the timing was right on the engine. That took me ALL day, there's no videos that I could find or any kind of guide that made sense. I probably read that section of the 280zx book 5 times before it even made sense to me. The timing was right, I was actually hoping it wasn't. My car wont jump when you push the gas all the way down, It just dies out. So I was hoping that was the problem. After that I made sure the vacuum hose was sucking, and it was. So today I got 3 things checked off my list of what to check on the car out of like 200 thousand.. I'm only 15 and doing most of this by myself with hardly any experience, sorry if your kinda pondering on why 3 things took me all day haha.

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    That's good, doing something right takes me forever. 3 months to rebuild my motor, 2 months of reading and collecting parts then 1 month putting them to use. I've got a '77 Z and the motors aren't any different so maybe I could help on the simple stuff. Theirs a way to check all your vacuum at once thanks to a member here, Fastwoman. Google "280z yogurt cup test" here it is Google
    That sounds like why it's dying out. Or maybe the fuel filter is clogged? Lots of possibilities, but just take your time you've got a year to get it right. Check out this page too, thanks to another member Blue. Tech Tips
    Keep reading!
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    It took me several hours to change the inside rear-view mirror in one of my other cars yesterday. A process that is supposed to take about 20-30 minutes. You have to remove some of the interior trim pieces around the windshield - get to some wiring - etc.

    The mirror is electric - uses and electronic eye to "self dim". Then uses an electrical charge to change the state or a fluid in the mirror. {needlessly complex}.

    However - in that process some interior clips, that are supposed to be fastened to the trim - unfastened themselves and fell off. So had to stop, go to the Auto Parts Store and get some epoxy..then reinstall the clips - after the epoxy set up..

    With any of these "Do It Yourself " Jobs on older cars - if it ain't one thing it will be another. All part of the fun of keeping older cars on the road.

    Almost no job will go as quickly as you think it will. I always allow a lot of extra time... no need to rush and you are supposed to enjoy the process.. When the job is done the fun is done..

    Carl B.

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