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Thread: Steel Line or Wheel Cylinder?

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    Default Steel Line or Wheel Cylinder?

    well, I am finally getting to the heart of my disappearing brake fluid problem on the 72 240z. Looking at the back tire I could see some residue on the back side of the drivers side rear wheel.

    It's been several (over 12) years since I have worked on Drum brakes. The rubber line still appears nice and dry. I pulled the drum off and found the shoes and inside of the drum nice and soaked in brake fluid.

    Anyway, I would still like to confirm with the community, I have a blown wheel cylinder. I had a similar problem in the late 80's (ugh) which turned out to be the steel line on the backing plate.. I can't remember if that leak made it all the way into the drum though.. Anyone agree or disagree?

    Thanks in advance for your time..
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    Almost has to be the wheel cylinder to get fluid inside the drum. 99% certain, if not more.
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