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Thread: Quick wheel fitment question - 15x8.5 3-3/8 backspace

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    Default Quick wheel fitment question - 15x8.5 3-3/8 backspace

    running 225/50s.....will they rub the wheel well/fender of a 240z with a Tokico HP spring and strut setup?

    I've run through the calcs and measured the clearance from the springs to the front fender lip. I measured 10.5 inches. With 3-3/8 backspace that means I have 9.5/2 = 4.75 + (4.75 - 3.375) = 5.125" in the front. I am running 14x7 0 offset wheels now, which means I have 4 inches backspace and front. The wheels would be 1.125 inches further out than my current wheel. It looks like it will be tight in the front. I am not worried about the valence at this time.

    The rears are another matter though. I am not concerned if they stick out a little bit at this time. I just need to know if I **have** to go with flares to use them or if I can stretch/roll the fender a bit.

    I can get the wheels for a screaming deal - 15x8.5 Centerline two-piece weighing in at 13 lbs per wheel.

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    Sorry the tires especially in the back will rub the fenders mainly because of your 3.375 backspacing. 4" backspacing with the stock diameter spring setup is the best fit.

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    Use this, it helps me out.
    Use the first wheel set up as your "stock" or "current" wheel and tire
    combo and the 2nd wheel set up as what you'd like to fit then compare the

    It may give you an idea at least on other wheels.
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