"Mr. William R. Gorham: Providing direction for Japan's mass-production and high precision technology."
It is great to see that William R. Gorham was inducted into the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame {JAHF} this past Sunday. He was certainly a significant contributor to industrial Japan in general, and more specifically to its early automobile industry.

"Mr. Ryuichi Tomiya: Challenge to develop Flying Feather and ultra-compact economy cars."
At the same time - Ryuichi Tomiya was also inducted. Ryuichi Tomiya was a Stylists, Designer and car builder. Among many notable things, he designed the Leaping Hare hood ornament for early Datsuns, did Advertising Artwork for Datsun as well as Interior Design/Build for Datsun. He is perhaps best known for his Design work on the Flying Feather and Fuji Cabin micro Cars {one of which just sold for $140K}

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William R. Gorham's Grand Daughter and her husband, were on hand for the Induction Ceremony,

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